Synchronicity City

Here are a few notes for the introduction to my new book, Synchronicity City. It is also an example of the kind of behind-the-scenes content you will get when you join me on my new Patreon page.

I have already created all the images. It only took 44 years to find 101 images that captured the act of synchronicity.


To add to the mystery each and every one of the 101 images had to have a number from zero to 100 hidden or loudly displayed in the image.


Just for good measure, at some point during that same 44 years, I had to find a fraction of a second that had to be its own synchronicity and be in visual sync with the numbered image.


I need to make it almost impossible to believe to make it believable. If you point out a synchronicity it is easily dismissed as a mere coincidence, but 202 times?! That’s different.


That is what I’m going for — that moment of wonder. That place where you have to make up something new to explain what is plainly in front of your face. It’s the sweet spot when being full of wonder is clearly wonderful. The book will not be just be about the pictures, it will be about that magic that brought them into being.


The Patreon page will also preview new videos, upcoming monographs, and my ongoing photographic adventures. Everything I do is to create a sense of wonder and feeling of appreciation for our most interesting and beautiful world, ourselves and each other. 

I look forward to having you be there with me. Look here.





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